details, details, details

Details. I used to love them. I loved dotting the I and crossing the T. I loved finished projects that were finished well. I loved clean and orderly. Then became a wife and then a mom and then a homeschooler, and the details got lost in the daily survival of being a stay at home wife/mom/teacher of little people. And, for some reason, I haven’t been able to find those beloved details again.

For a long time I have been lamenting this area of my life. Wishing that I could pull it all together to live in the details again. To live a detailed life–house, closets, laundry room, bedrooms all clean and orderly with everything exactly as I had left it an hour ago. Unfortunately, the other four people and two dogs that live in my house are not missing these details and have no reason to want to live a controlled and detailed life.

You know what? I serve a merciful God who continues to mold me and shape me in His image. He’s a God of detail but the details don’t control Him. Instead, He saw fit to include the story of two sisters in His inspired Word, the Bible. The sister’s names are Mary and Martha. Martha was a detail woman! She was all about putting on a perfect meal for Jesus when He came to their home to visit. Mary, on the other hand, chose to sit at Jesus’ feet and learn from Him instead of worrying about endless details. Jesus commended Mary for she had chosen the better way. Sometimes I think He included that story in the Bible just for me. I need the reminder often.

Tonight we had 3 families over for dinner. I panicked this morning because the house wasn’t in order and I had a long list of things to do. Then Jesus calmed my heart and showed me that there were more important things today~ like relationships with my family and with friends. So I spent the greater part of today with others and then 27 people crammed into my not so clean house this evening for a great meal and memorable fellowship. Of the 27 people, only 8 were adults. There were children EVERYWHERE. My friend, Annie, was so concerned for my house. I don’t know how she missed the fact that my counter was covered in mail and such from working Toy Time all week. Not even sure how she missed the sticky, dirty kitchen floor or the dog hair from front door to back but it sure felt good to not worry about it. It wasn’t even an issue for me tonight. I was free to enjoy my company and it felt great!

My merciful Savior showed me tonight that it is okay that details have been lost at my house. I know I will always struggle in this area but it sure was wonderful to taste the freedom of letting go tonight. It is much sweeter to enjoy than to obsess and I hope to someday find complete freedom from being controlled by details.
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