crunching the Toy Time numbers…God’s way

Toy Time 2009 ended today. Once again, God multiplied in amazing ways! Here are the numbers….

**We took in, cleaned, priced and sorted 9,187 toys.
**The profit from the sale plus donations equalled over $5,100 with which to buy new toys.
**At the end of the day, 2059 children in the area received new toys for Christmas.

I love seeing how God’s math works. Let me just tell you that Ami spends as little as possible on new toys. She goes to Big Lots and cleans them out of all of their inexpensive toys, spending between $5 and $8. So, if you were to divide the $5,100 available to spend by $5 for each toy, you answer would be 1020. According to mathematical reasoning, then, 1,020 children could each receive a new toy. Instead, over 2000 children have each received a new toy and a small stocking stuffer and all of the new toys that were purchased or donated left the building.

I love the way God crunches the numbers!

“For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
neither are your ways my ways,”
declares the LORD.
Isaiah 55:8

Your ways, O God, are holy.
What god is so great as our God?
Psalm 77:13
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