the postscript

Just in case today’s post didn’t convince you that I do not have it all together and I’m not all that great, I thought I would share a bit of my experience this evening with you. When I am done, I’m sure you will agree, that I’m a work in progress (I am a serious construction zone!)….

We are experiencing a little ice here in Northern Indiana tonight and driving home from church was a bit treacherous. Chad is working through the night tonight, so I had to take my truck to the hospital and leave it there and drive the diesel home to plug it in. I hate the diesel-it’s a one ton dually and it’s a beast!!! So, we get in, I look down to check the emergency break, put it in reverse and away we go slipping and sliding out of the hospital parking lot. Because, of course, any time I would engage the clutch to shift, we would slide to the left or slide to the right….

We made it home slow and easy and turning onto our road I thought, “This truck is working hard like the brake is on. So glad I checked to make sure it wasn’t!” ha! When we pulled in our driveway, the brakes were hot enough to smell. arrrrggggghhhhh!! If this were the first time I had ever done this, it would be bad enough but it’s the second time! The first time was over 3 years ago and we finally got it fixed this summer. OUCH!

Chad called to make sure we got home okay and my first question to him was “how much do you love me?” His answer, “More than you know… what did you do?”

I hate that I do stupid things like this, and often do them more than once. Just had to share my postscript just in case anyone still thought that I had everything in my life under control.
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1 thought on “the postscript

  1. Glad to know I'm not the only one to do this more than once! 🙂 Merry Christmas to you and your family. Janeice

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