a kernel of wisdom gleaned in 2009…

When I have the opportunity to listen to Chad discipline our children, I think I learn more than the kids do! Sometimes I even think that God specifically allows those times just for me (probably because I learn best when taught in child-sized portions. And, when it’s not about me, I don’t get defensive and when I’m not defensive, I can listen quite well….).

One of the big lessons of 2009 in our home has been this… IT IS NOT ALL ABOUT YOU! I’ve heard Chad and I say this more times than I can count. I love the way Chad says it to the kids…”Do you realize how small you are in God’s great plan? It’s not about you any more than it is about me or anyone else. We are all so small compared to God! It is all about Him!”

This is my kernel of wisdom gleaned in 2009…it is not all about me! I am but a kernel in God’s plan for mankind and when I allow myself to live by this, I allow Him to orchestrate His good work without me butting in to “help” Him get it done. When I remember my relative size in creation, I remember He is the Creator, I am the created. When I remember that it is all about Him and glorifying Him, then it is nothing about what I deserve. When I remember He is God, that means that I am not!

I am confident that this lesson will continue into 2010 and beyond. There is so much I have yet to learn and so much to let go. Thankfully, I serve a God who is willing to give it to me lessons and wisdom in child-sized, kernel-sized, pieces!

What is your “kernel of wisdom gleaned in 2009”?
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