ridiculously fond of him!

I am not a movie fan. I guess it’s probably because I love to read. I would much rather read anything than sit down and watch a movie. Occasionally I will sit down to watch a movie and enjoy myself immensely but I would lose every time at Scene It. Other than being able to quote the entire script of The Princess Bride, I know very few movie quotes.

This year, Eric chose the movie Faith Like Potatoes for Chad’s Christmas gift. It’s a very inspiring movie and even caused a few tears. During the movie, there was a tender scene between Angus Buchanan and his wife Jill. He held her, looked her in the eye and said, “I am ridiculously fond of you!” I loved it! It’s my new favorite quote!

I feel like there are many times that I pick at my dearly Beloved for little incidentals. I’m not always nice to him and often I remember the negative things that he has done long after I have forgotten his positive actions. I take advantage of him much more than I take the opportunity to thank him for all that he does.

I made a list of 10 things I wanted to accomplish in 2010. I’ve thought of another thing….I want to purposely tell Chad why I am ridiculously fond of him. However, I don’t want this thing to only be something I do in 2010. I want to do this for the rest of my life. I don’t want another day to go by without telling him that the smile I fell in love with still makes my heart race. I want him to know that he is my rock, my safe place. I need to remind him that no one makes me laugh the way he does and he is who I run to when I can’t take it anymore. He needs to know that I need him, I need his touch, I need his arms around me. I must remember to thank him for providing for us and working hard to supply our needs. While I am thanking him, I’ll mention how incredibly safe it feels to know that there has never been anyone but me. I will remind him that he is my one and only. I need to tell him that he is the world’s greatest dad and that he has taught me much about parenting just by his example. I’ll thank him for all of the times he purposely spends time with each of our children one on one. I need to mention that I appreciate his gentleness and compassion and tell him yet another story of someone who told me how great he was as their nurse in the ER. I will thank him for putting up with me for 16 years and how I know that a lot of those years loving me was a choice not a feeling. I will thank him for his gentleness and compassion with me. I can’t forget to remember to tell him that I have noticed how much he does to serve at our church and how valuable he is to the Leadership Team. I must tell him that he is my best friend, my heart’s desire, my only lover, my greatest treasure.

While I am remembering to tell him these things and more throughout this year, I will borrow Angus Buchanan’s quote and tell him that I am ridiculously fond of him!
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1 thought on “ridiculously fond of him!

  1. We must be on the same sister wavelength, because the other night when I couldn't sleep, I thought about an idea of a blog called the Measure of My Man. . . Aren't you glad that God was in the details 16 years ago too!Gabe

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