not even close to being Wonder Woman!

Ok….so this morning I’m laughing out loud as I read the 13 comments on my facebook wall. Though I find it all quite humorous (and if Chad were home to read it, he would probably roll on the floor laughing), I feel compelled to set the record straight. So, here’s the gut-level, honest, naked truth…I am not even close to being Wonder Woman!

Here’s the status I posted last night that got such rave reviews….

if one stays home~4 loaves of homemade bread, 5 beds w/clean bedding, 11 loads of laundry, 1 sourdough starter, 15 homemade tortillas, 2 hot brunches at the table-all 5 of us in attendance, 2 blogs started as school projects, 1 batch of laundry soap made, 2 school days completed, 1 large feather mess by 2 dogs cleaned, 2 posts on my own blog written, and 2 days with no time restraints to enjoy my kids….PRICELESS!

Though all of this is true, I even scaled it down from my original writing to meet the 400 word maximum for a status line on facebook. I didn’t post this for any other reason that to remind myself of what I can do if I choose to stay home more.

There is a misnomer floating around that home school families never leave home. I’ve done a bit of my own research on this and have found out that my family is not much different than a lot of home school families…we get more done with less stress when we are home but we struggle in keeping ourselves limited to staying home. There are so many good things outside of these walls to offer my kids. Opportunities and lessons that are better done on a field trip. Music lessons, art lessons, library time, home school co-op, community service, clubs (4H & Girl Scouts) all take us away from our home. While there is nothing wrong with those things and they are all good things to do, are they the best things for my family? This road is a well-worn path for me as I try to find the balance of offering my kids a great education while maintaining a HOME school.

So, my status on facebook was simply a reminder to me to keep my priorities straight. To include my kids in house work and cooking and to enjoy the days with them. I looked out of the corner of my eye on Sunday and stopped breathing. Standing near me was a teen boy with long hair, hands in his pockets, and nose growing faster than his face who was looking at me as if he knew me. I know breathing is supposed to be involuntary but I know that my breath caught in my chest as I realized that I have 5 years with Eric before he is 18. 5? Isn’t he just 5 years old playing Rescue Heroes and Thomas the Train? I need not-so-subtle reminders and God gave me one on Sunday….enjoy the days for the days are short. These days are PRICELESS for there is no way that I will ever be able to purchase them back.

So, I’m sorry for anyone who sees me as Wonder Woman because of my facebook status. I am not even close! First of all, I’m not sure, even 20 years ago, if I have ever looked like Linda Carter looked in her costume and boots (actually, I’m quite sure I haven’t ever looked like that!). Secondly, if you have read any of this blog, you know that I struggle daily in managing my home, my school, my marriage, my life. For instance, I mentioned that all 5 beds had clean bedding…here’s the naked truth….I change the sheets on my bed often but I got tired of fighting the kids over their sheets, so I let it go. They actually asked if they could have clean sheets! Seriously, I can not remember the last time I washed their sheets!

Wonder Woman…not even close!
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1 thought on “not even close to being Wonder Woman!

  1. I found this post last night as I was surfing, find the part about feathers. It would be a great way to use your left-over feathers :)

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