scribbles, sunshine & snow cream

Last night, my friend, John, told me through facebook that he has enjoyed my “scribbles”. I have laughed in my heart all day about that description. It works. It fits. So much of this blog is simply just that~scribbles. Scribbles from this thankful heart that is trying so hard to live a life that glorifies God. This blog is nothing more than my simple struggles or victories in day to day living seasoned with my opinion on various topics. I have no further aspirations for this blog. It is an avenue for me to journal all of the noise in my head and to have fun doing it. I’m not writing to impress, just scribbling my thoughts. Much like a little kid who can’t get over the joy of her new crayons and uses them to scribble on everything, I can’t get over the joy of being able to sit down with my computer and spend a few minutes each day writing out the thoughts that are in my heart. Scribbles indeed!

Today, the sun is shining! It’s only about 20 degrees outside but the sun is bright (I may have to go out and lift my face to the sun for a little vitamin D)! I love winter. I love snow. I love icicles. I hate dark! I often think it would be so incredible to live in the UP of Michigan or in Alaska, or anywhere else that gets A LOT of snow but I know I could not cope with the darkness. Too many long nights and grey days seriously affect my mood. Today, though, I woke up to the sun and have been basking in it all day. I’m am grateful for a God who is creative in the seasons and in the individual days of each season. Just as I thanked Him for the beautiful snow fall yesterday, I am equally astonished at the snow glare today from such a bright sun. Thank you Jesus!!

We just had snow cream for a treat! This is a favorite winter treat around here. With the fresh snow fall yesterday, it was a perfect day for snow cream. Here’s the recipe:

1 pint whipping cream
1/2 c. sugar
1 T. vanilla extract
Beat together until thick. Bring in a large mixing bowl of fresh snow and slowly add snow to cream mixture until it is thick and blended well. Eat quickly…. it melts fast!
**we have experimented with chocolate syrup instead of vanilla extract and it is good too!
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1 thought on “scribbles, sunshine & snow cream

  1. I love this look?? How did you do that header?

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