humbled to be his wife!

Often my husband totally amazes me. Actually, he would probably amaze me more if I would take the time to notice more of the incredibly amazing things that he does. This is one of my greatest regrets in life… I wish that it wouldn’t have taken me 14 years to realize that the man who snores in my bed is an absolutely amazing man!

Part of my quest to be a better wife includes recognizing and acknowledging all that Chad does for me, for us and for our kids. Yesterday, he blew me away! I just have to share the story. This will be the abbreviated internet version….

February marks 11 years in the Emergency Room of our local hospital for Chad. He has enjoyed his time there and he is really good at what he does but for the past couple of years he has been thinking of improving his nursing skills by learning another avenue of patient care. Each time he would pursue transferring to a different department, the door would close. Sometimes the door would close quietly and other times there would be a loud BANG. Either way, we knew it wasn’t God’s timing yet for Chad to move on. Chad is one of the most patient people I know and he would remind me, “God has me in the ER for now and I’ll just wait to see what He wants me to do.”

Last month, Chad applied for a job in another department. He had an interview with the supervisor and got called back for a “peer interview”. After he completed that, the department asked him to come in and shadow for a day to see if he liked it. He really enjoyed it and was thinking he wanted the job. Yesterday, Chad found out that another nurse that he has known for 12 or 13 years was also in the running for the job. The department head called both Chad and the other nurse into her office at different times and asked them to answer one question~ “Why should we hire you?” When it was Chad’s turn, he told them to hire the other nurse and though the department head and the immediate supervisor were shocked at Chad’s answer, they did just that. Chad’s friend has the job.

He blew me away. We’ve talked about this position. We’ve prayed about this position. And then, we talked and prayed some more. I just have to tell any who read this, I am so proud of my man! He really would have liked that job. He knew, though, that the other nurse really wanted the job and so he gave it up for her.

Some day, maybe soon, I will have to read this post again to remind myself of how incredible my man is. However, for tonight I am humbled to be his wife. He teaches me much by his steadfast, patient and compassionate example. He totally amazes me!
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