a few funnies…

After my last post on the overwhelming opulence at the Colts/Jets game on Sunday, I just have to share a few funnies with you. Hope this brings a smile or two…maybe even a chuckle!

@}~ Remember going to events as a teenager and being appalled at the entertainment that was reminiscent of your parents’ teen years? Well… the halftime show at the AFC Championship game was…. FOREIGNER! I laughed so hard…”feels like the first time, feels like the very first time…” Honestly, do they even remember? “I’m hot blooded, can’t you see…got a fever of 103…” loses something 25 years and a lot of gray hair later! The best part was that that lead singer, Kelly Hansen, forgot the first words to “Feels Like the First Time” and the sound system was horrible, so the mike kept cutting out. I’m not sure I’ve ever laughed so hard through a halftime show!

@}~ Fans will do almost anything to get noticed… a Jets fan showed up with his chest, back, arms and face all painted green… not Jets green… Incredible Hulk green! He came up the stairs and Chad said, “look it’s the Hulk!” Everyone around us was laughing! Then we all noticed the white “J” painted over the green stomach…even funnier! I’m wondering if he had the guts to walk outside the stadium like that after the game?

@}~ I’m still coughing from my bout with bronchitis in December. I’m not sick in any other way, I just have this nagging cough. I especially cough when I laugh or when I start yelling for my team. So, between a close first half and a hilarious halftime show, I was coughing a lot. Every time I would cough, the man in front of me would look over his shoulder and frown at me. After this happened a hundred or so times, I finally figured it out. I told Chad “he thinks I have swine flu, too bad I didn’t bring a mask” which made me giggle and cough more. I think this man was so afraid of getting my “germs” that he left at the beginning of the 4th quarter. Poor guy probably ran to his nearest pharmacy for a vaccine. I know H1N1 is a serious matter and that we all have to be careful but I just so wanted to say to this man “relax and enjoy the game!”

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