A year later…

Last January, I started a blog and posted the children’s, teen’s and family’s Bible studies that I feel God gave me to write. I felt like the LORD was asking me to put these studies out in cyberspace for people to use free of charge. I’ve been blown out of the water at emails that people have sent me telling me how God has used a study in their child’s life. I even had a missionary in China ask for permission to translate one of the studies into Mandarin. After a year, my host site showed over 30,000 hits on the studies. I get so excited when I see what God does!

As is typical in every area of life, I have had a lot of advice concerning these Bible studies and what I should or should not be doing. For me this is slightly reminiscent of having a baby. When each of my three children were born, everyone had advice… most of which was unsolicited. I have received a lot of advice concerning these Bible studies as well. Because I tend to be a person who wants to please everyone, it is hard for me to acknowledge someone’s idea without feeling guilty if I don’t incorporate their idea. I want to only follow God in this and sometimes it’s hard to know if I am following Him or following men.

One of the greatest lessons I’ve learned is that God really doesn’t need me. Often I trip over myself and if I would get out of His way, He could do great and mighty things! I don’t want to be in His way with these Bible studies and yet I want to be obedient to anything He wants me to do. So, I continue to pray.

I’m not sure where these Bible studies need to go and I don’t know what my role in this is. All I do know is that He knows and He has it under control. I’m so glad Someone does!!
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