God’s timing

I just love God’s timing and His sense of humor, don’t you? Since Christmas break, I’ve been lamenting (read *stressing*) about homeschooling next year, 8th grade, and later high school. For some reason, I bought my enemy’s lie that I can’t do this thing called “home school”. I know, I know… it’s a little late to be thinking that, huh?! Seven years of experience and I’m still buying the lie… I’m a little slow on the uptake sometimes!

As I have been questioning other home school moms and asking them how they do it, I’ve been praying that if God wants us to continue this education journey, that He would make our path clear and that He would teach me how to do this. I don’t know why I don’t always go to Him first. He is the BEST educator and He’s taught me so many things. At any rate, I worried first, again, and went to Him secondly… again!

Yesterday, a good friend (who incidentally sends her child to our local elementary school) told me of an opportunity to register to be a “reviewer” of home school products. I jumped on the chance to get free curriculum and other goodies and sent in my application. Voila! I received word today that I have two things to review. Guess what the first ebook to review is titled?….
“Help Lord, I’m Getting Ready to Start Homeschooling My High Schooler”. This may not be very scholarly or sanctified but I think I can just imagine my LORD chuckling while I read this ebook.

For those of you who regularly read my blog and do not home school your children, please bear with me. I will be posting my review of this ebook and another as well as many more reviews, I hope (I think it depends on if the powers that be like my reviews).

I love how He loves me! I love that He wants to show me, time and again, that He has everything under control! I love that He hears my prayers and answers them in His timing.
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1 thought on “God’s timing

  1. To my fellow Heidi – don't you just love how God works? I love it when I see obvious ways in which He is working in my life. It's like a tap on the shoulder from Him!

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