So Long, Insecurity..part 4

During this journey of mine toward finding absolute security in my Father’s love, I am amazed at the different ways He pursues me! I am finding such comfort knowing that He is actively, creatively, lovingly pursing me. When I look, I see Him. When I listen, I hear Him. When I reach out, I touch Him. He is endless in His pursuit of me!

Yesterday, Emily and I celebrated one entire month of an absolutely spotless room. She has amazed me. Not only has her room been picked up but everything continues to be organized, the floor is swept a few times a week and the trash can has been emptied often. I promised her that if she made it to the “one month” mark, I would take her out for lunch. Well, it ended up being out for supper but we had an incredible time. I love it when I take time to realize that each one of my kids is an incredible individual. Emme and I had a blast shopping for a bridal shower and then enjoying smoothies and cheesy baked potatoes at our local coffee shop. While we were enjoying our smoothies, we were able to work through two of her Bright Lights lessons. In a girl’s devotional…God pursued me!

The title of her devotional was “How to Develop a Ministry.” I smile now, thinking of how creative my God is. Here I was…a captive audience…working through my daughter’s assignment while God was working on my heart. He showed me how I had allowed my insecurity to cripple my ministry at church, at home and with others.

Emme’s devotional started with a comparison of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. The Red Sea is a healthy, thriving ecosystem because it has an input and and outlet. The water flows through and sustains life for many species. The Dead Sea, however, has only an input. The water is stagnant. There is no outlet and thus, there is no life in the Dead Sea. The author of the devotional compared Christians to these two bodies of water. There are those who allow God to fill them and then allow Him to pour them out to minister to others. These individuals bear much fruit (John 15) for God and have healthy spiritual lives. Conversely, there are others who are filled by God but have no outlet. These believers are stagnant. Their lives produce little to no fruit as they have no outlet…no ministry.

When I allow myself to give into my insecurities, or to be intimated by those same insecurities, a blockage starts at the outlet of my life. Eventually, if these insecurities go unchecked, a dam can be built in my heart and my life can become as stagnant as the Dead Sea. Instead of bearing much fruit for my God, my spiritual life becomes as lifeless as that sea.

Through Emme’s devotional written for young girls, my God pursued me. I am so thankful for His unending creativity…His limitless love…His unrelenting pursuit of me!
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