It never ceases to amaze me how good feeling good really feels (…love that sentence!)! Saturday I got bit by a nasty virus bug and spent Sunday and Monday feeling very puny. I had no energy, no endurance and every single part of my body hurt. At one point, even my teeth hurt. I kept thinking, “does this really hurt this bad or am I just being a baby?” Physically, I needed some serious restoration, revision, and renewing. Lots and lots of sleep, Tylenol and Advil later I feel like a renewed woman.

Gently, tenderly, lovingly, mercifully…God reminded me this morning that my spiritual life needs some restoration, revision, and renewal as well. I had allowed myself to drift further and further away from Him. It wasn’t a conscious choice, at first. Though I can’t remember what it was now that started the drifting, I’m sure it was probably a short night, a rushed morning or an “emergency” that needed my attention. However, as the days went by without me spending time at His feet in His Word, it got easier and easier to let my personal Bible study time slip by.

Sometimes God has to allow me to run into a brick wall before I will give Him my attention. Sunday morning I felt the brick wall. It was all I could do to the lift my head off of my pillow. I remember thinking “where did the brick wall, that I just ran into, come from?” I honestly think the brick wall was a gift from my Savior.

He allowed me to reach the end of my own self. When I had nothing left in me, He allowed me to rest physically and then He pursued me spiritually. Yesterday when my body felt like it was wasted, my spirit felt His gentle whispers to my heart…gently, tenderly, lovingly, mercifully.

He always welcomes me back! After a good time of Bible study this morning, my appetite for Him has returned. In fact, I’m not sure I can get enough of Him today. He has restored me. He has revised my spirit. He has renewed my love for Him.
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