Tuesday art class….

I’m sitting here enjoying the ambience of the kids’ art class. Each Tuesday, we drive to Mrs. Baker’s home for art class. This time has become one of my favorite times of the week.

Mrs. Baker is incredible with the kids. She simultaneously works with Eric’s advanced painting, Emily’s various crafts and Ellen’s weekly projects. She gives each one of the kids instruction and encouragement while they work. Her eyes catch little details that my untrained eye over looks. While she corrects their mistakes, they never feel like they are being corrected. Instead, they hear “Yes, that’s it!” or “Whoops, not that way. Let’s do it this way.”

Mrs. B. has helped Eric work on fine art projects for 4H for several years. This year, he not only is competing in fine arts but currently he is working on a painting on slate for miscellaneous crafts as well. She also helped Emme work on painting a small basket to enter in the miscellaneous crafts division of 4H as well.

This winter, Mrs. Baker also helped all three kids do a calendar page art contest. We are anxiously waiting to see if any of the artists in our family will be featured in the Electric Consumer Calendar for 2011. Based on their grade in school, each of the kids had to come up with a drawing or painting that depicted a certain month of the year. Ellen was required to complete something for January, Emily has required to depict Man, and Eric’s requirement was the month of July. Ellen’s snowman picture and Emily’s painting of lily of the valley were sent off without me thinking of even taking a photograph of the finished project. However, Eric thought to do that himself before he mailed his entry in. He’s pretty proud of his picture of an American flag and a bald eagle.

While the kids are busy, I enjoy the peace and quiet. Mrs. Baker’s fish tank bubbles and the kids work quietly. It’s an oasis is the midst of feeling like I run hither and yon….
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1 thought on “Tuesday art class….

  1. That's great! I earned my BA in drawing and painting! I remember art lessons when I was in grade school…your son has a lot of talent!

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