non traditional and definitely NOT orthodox…

A couple of good friends told me that once we started having Sabbath celebrations in our home, we wouldn’t want to have a week where we missed it…. they were so right! Who knew I had such wise and all-knowing friends?!

Because we were gone last weekend, and because this coming weekend is Chad’s once-in-a-blue-moon weekend to work, we decided to have a totally non-traditional and unorthodox mini-Sabbath celebration last night. I am so glad we did!

This wasn’t a true Sabbath in many respects but it was a chance for the five of us to sit down together, reconnect and rest. After a slow meal, we did a fun scavenger hunt in the yard. I gave the kids each a paper lunch bag and an index card. They had 15 minutes to find items in our yard that showed God or God’s creation and then find a supporting verse in their Bible. They were to put the item in the bag and the Scripture reference on the index card. They had a blast running through the yard with their bags and Bibles and I had a few minutes to do the dishes in a peaceful kitchen. We had a great time as they shared what they found and the verses that supported their findings. In the end, Team Dad/Ellen won with the most items that no one else had.

I tried a new recipe for the family last night as well. Ellen calls it “Merri’s Fruit Sauce” as I got the idea from our friend, Merri. Merri had served this over a fruit salad for ladies’ Bible study breakfast… yummy!! So, I copied Merri’s idea and served individual fruit sundaes for our Sabbath supper. Here’s the recipe I came up with…

Merri’s Fruit Sauce
1 c. whipped cream
1 t. vanilla extract
3 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 c. vanilla yogurt
Cream all together and serve over fresh fruit

Mini-Sabbath…non-traditional, not kosher, and definitely NOT Orthodox but a blessed respite in the middle of a busy week… who knows, we may try this again, someday.
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