my favorite 5 this week…

The longer I explore the blogging community, the more fun stuff I find. There are A LOT of incredibly gifted and creative people out there… who knew?!?

My blogging friend, Heidi, finds the best memes to join or links to follow. I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m just going to follow Heidi while she follows everyone else. After all, her name reveals that she is beautiful, intelligent, creative, wise and a whole lot of fun, right?!?

She found Friday’s Fave Five at Living To Tell The Story. Heidi posted her five favorite things from this week and I think I will do the same (because, of course, she’s Heidi…)….

Here they are in no specific order…

1) The Weather…the weather here in Northern Indiana has been absolutely beautiful! Yesterday, the temp was in the mid 80s and we had a wonderful picnic with our homeschool cooperative at the park.

2) My Lilac bush… my favorite lilac bush is blooming again! Ellen looked out of the window this morning and asked “Mom, where did those flowers come from? They weren’t there yesterday!” I love it!! It blooms deep purple double lilacs and they are beautiful!! There was a time I thought I had lost this tree forever. Fifteen years ago, my darling soulmate decided to “trim” the lilac bush. Seriously, I yelled, screamed and cried for days. Apparently, he and I have differing views of the term “trim”. Know what, though? He was right. Every year after that, this bush has been absolutely beautiful and it has grown into a gorgeous rounded bush that blooms abundantly. Hmmm… I think there may be a spiritual lesson here… analogy, anyone?

3) My friends… God has blessed me with incredible friendships. Each day this week, I have spent either time with or on the phone with different friends who have all encouraged me in my daily walk with our Savior. There was a time where God did to me what Chad did to our lilac bush, He “trimmed” me, including removing most of my friendships. Again, I yelled, screamed and cried for days. However, He reminded me again today (7 years later) how much more beautiful and abundant my friendships are now. Thanks LORD! (I warned you that a spiritual analogy was coming…)

4) My children… After being away from our kids last week for some much needed Mommy and Daddy time, I have so enjoyed the time with them this week. I truly missed them while they were with their cousins and it’s been a blast hearing all of their “stories” this week. I’ve come to the conclusion that my sister is a saint for taking on 8 children for 5 days. (I’ve also begun praying for myself because I have the pleasure of returning the favor in a 5 weeks).

5) My God… Actually, this should have been #1 and should always be #1. However, often I put God off in my “busyness”. I’m so thankful that He woes me back, time and time and time again. This week has been that. I feel like I’m rediscovering Him and it feels so nice.

What are your five faves this week?
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6 thoughts on “my favorite 5 this week…

  1. Awww…Heidi…I'm glad you find me worthy enough to follow along on this blog journey! I hope I don't lead you astray. :)I received a lilac bush from some friends to plant in memory of my friend Sue. We planted it right outside the living room window so that I can see it. It's just small; but I can't wait til it grows and blooms. I think lilacs are gorgeous and they are one of the only flowery smells that I actually like.And when you mentioned God trimming you of friends – that's where I am right now. I pray and hope that he will see fit to bless me abundantly, like he did with you!

  2. Welcome to FFF! I love it — makes me focus on my blessings.Sounds like you have a blessing-filled week. Mom and Dad time is SO important, and it seems you don't even realize that until you take time for it.I'm thankful that no matter how far away I move, my Saviour is always there, waiting for me.Happy weekend!

  3. Friends, children and God are a lot to be thankful for.Happy Friday.

  4. Hi Heidi! Welcome to FFF! I loved reading your list. It bought a smile to my face as I was reading. It has such a thankful and graceful tone!My God, family, a gracious and helpful sister are among my favorite things of all time, too!Love the lilacs. I love fresh lilacs on my table sending fragrance through the whole house!Hope to see you again. You have a beautiful blog.

  5. welcome to the FFF party! Isn't it great when the weather can be a favorite? Much better than giving us an excuse to complain.Lilacs are my favorite flower! I have a whole row of them, lining the front of my yard….they probably need to be pruned, but they are always covered with the most lovely scented flower ever! We have about 3 weeks yet before we'll get any lilacs….at least.Ienjoyed your list and I hope you'll be back to FFF.

  6. Weather is often a favorite with me. Like Christopher Robin, (usually) I don't care what the weather is as long as I can be out in it.I'm glad you've joined FFF this week. Do come back for more!Enjoy this lilacs!

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