it’s Friday!

It’s Friday! Time for Friday’s Fave Five hosted by Living to Tell the Story. Several times this week, I found myself looking forward to being able to share my five favorite things from this week. Here they are…

1) GOD ~ again and again and again God is my favorite thing in my minutes, days and weeks. This week He has been making Himself known to me… showing me how He showers me with blessings…

2) LAUGHTER ~ slowly (ever so slowly most days…) I’m learning that it is much better to laugh in the midst of life than to yell, scream, stomp my feet or throw an all out temper tantrum.

3) MY MAN ~ I have so many regrets when it comes to the first decade of our marriage. One of those is that I never appreciated my man for who he is. His gifts are WAY different than mine and therefore, I never viewed them as gifts. Instead, I saw them as annoyances. Thankfully, God has done some major heart surgery on me. This week I have sung my husbands praises to all who will listen… including telling him how amazing he is.

4) MY NEW TRUCK ~ my F150 drove out my driveway Monday evening without me. It was kind of sad. I’ve only felt that way about one other vehicle in my life. Usually, I don’t get too attached to them. However, I really liked my red truck! I knew when we bought it that it would be a “turn over” truck. So, I got to drive it for 9 months and when we sold it, we actually made money on it. This is where my God and my husband are so amazing! God because He blesses abundantly more than I could ask or think and Chad because he knows how to do this sort of thing.
I actually told my man Monday night that I missed my truck but God must have something better in store for me. Chad laughed and said, “yeah right!” But, sure enough, Tuesday morning he called me and said “What do you think of a Yukon?”
So, my new truck is a “turn over” truck too. It’s a Yukon and my kids are loving it! Don’t know how long I’ll drive this truck but am so thankful that God provided us with another wonderful vehicle without any loans. He is so good to us!!

5) HOMESCHOOL ~ We are almost finished with 8 years of homeschool and I doubt myself all the time! Worries, fears, failures are a daily struggle for me but I have never doubted my calling. Sometimes I feel like Abraham, Moses, Jeremiah, Daniel… men who knew they were called but often doubted their ability.
Lately, God has blessed me again by reminding me of this calling and reinforcing my faith in Him to accomplish it!

“But he said to me, ‘My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness.’ Therefore I will boast all the more gladly about my weaknesses, so that Christ’s power may rest on me.”

Another week of incredible blessings… thank you LORD!!

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5 thoughts on “it’s Friday!

  1. Great list, Heidi! My neighbors have that same black Yukon!

  2. Loved your comments on marriage. So great that you learned from that first decade and have moved on and made things better. What a testimony — to sing his praises to others, and a boost for him, I'm sure.Happy weekend!

  3. Congratulations on finishing eight years of homeschooling! Good for you and your kids. Loved your positive comments about your hubby.Have a happy weekend!

  4. Your posts are so encouraging! Your number 2 has definitely been spoken to my heart lately too.

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