What’s a turn over truck?

I laughed at Brooke’s comment on my Friday Favorites blog post. “What’s a turn over truck?”

Honestly, I kind of made that term up because I don’t know how else to describe what my man does. He buys things cheap at auctions, garage sales, through Craig’s List, etc., etc. Then he turns them over and resells them to make a profit.

In case anyone wonders, I’m not making this up! He has made money doing this. Not enough to quit his day job but enough to provide some extras.

Usually, Chad does this with a goal in mind. Right now, we have a big 5th wheel camper that is paid for and we all love it. We have a F350 diesel dually crew cab to pull camper (big camper = big truck). We also have big kids. When we bought the truck six years ago, we had little kids. Now, Eric is within an inch of being as tall as me and my little kids are turning into big kids (big kids = big truck). We need a newer big truck to fit our big kids and pull our big camper. So, my husband has gone to “work” and has goal of buying and selling to make the cash to buy “new” truck with cash (I love him for this! We worked hard and long to pay off debt–don’t want to go back to that!!).
When Chad bought my red F150 last summer, he bought it at an auction below Kelly Blue Book value. Then he sold it on Monday and made a profit. Tuesday he bought “new” truck below value and we are hoping to make a profit on this too… thus his goal of turning over vehicles until we have the cash we need to buy a “new” big truck that will pull our camper and be much more comfortable for the kids to ride in.
So… in answer to Brooke’s question… a turn over truck is one that I can not get attached to because it will be sold to make a profit. Maybe I should have said “flip truck” like a “flip house”.
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4 thoughts on “What’s a turn over truck?

  1. Ah, I am glad I read this because I thought of a 'turnip' truck so that is a 'new' age term you just started!Thank you for stopping in and your added words of encouragement! Congrats to also being able to stay at home! Thank you again for passing by- so glad you did!

  2. My first two cars were "turn-over" cars. My Dad knew a loan officer at FNB and when cars would get repoed, he'd call Dad. My very first car as a 17 year old was a Pontiac Sunbird GT — that was only two years old. I fell in love with it….it was fast!! But I had no idea that my Dad never intended to put license plates on it. He had it for sale before the paper tags even expired and it was sold for $1500 more than I paid within three weeks!! I was sad, mad, disappointed, etc…..and went back to "borrowing" my parent's cars for another six months or so. Then Dad got a call on a Pontiac Firebird…bright red…t-tops….every high school senior's dream, right?? They wanted to get rid of it before the owners trashed it so they sold it to us for $1500. Yep, the very same amt we had made profit on the other car. I drove it for another year and then sold it for a profit to pay for my first year of college. Again, sad….mad…disappointed…but so thankful for how God provided for me at that point in time. Now we just drive our vehicles until they die.Maybe I should put Chad on the look-out for another minivan that is way below book value….

  3. Don't you love the feeling of no debt? We are all done with credit card debt…and just working to pay off the cars. And what a thrifty man you have there. Nice!!

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