In honor of Mom…Friday’s Fave 5

It’s that time again…. Time for my favorite weekly meme hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story… Friday’s Fave 5!

In honor of Mom and Mother’s Day, here are my favorite five things that my mom taught me…
1) MARRIAGE IS FOR LIFE. My parents have been married for almost 44 years. They have set an incredible example for us to follow!
2) STAND BY YOUR MAN. I’ve seen my mom stand next to my dad in all kinds of situations and circumstances… some good, some not so good. It hasn’t mattered if it was good or bad, she hasn’t moved from her place at his side.
3) IT’S NOT BOOZE AND IT’S NOT WOMEN, SO STOP COMPLAINING!! I learned early on in my marriage to stop complaining about Chad to my mom. Whenever I complained about him and whatever hideous infraction I thought he had committed, my mom would say “It’s not booze and it’s not women, stop complaining!” Soon after she first told me that, a friend’s marriage broke up over porn and infidelity and another friend discovered her husband was an alcoholic. My problems suddenly didn’t seem so significant.
4) THE GREATEST GIFT YOU CAN GIVE YOUR CHILDREN IS TO CULTIVATE THEIR RELATIONSHIP WITH THEIR FATHER. Mom told me this the day my son was born. She held him in the hospital and said those very words to me. Those words, later, became the catalyst that propelled me into homeschooling…. Chad began nursing school when Eric was ready for Kindergarten. Our local school only offered all day Kindergarten. If Eric would have gone to school, he would have seen his dad every other weekend for 2 years. Mom’s words rang loudly in my heart each time Eric would see his dad for an hour before Chad went to work.
5) CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES WISELY, SOME THINGS ARE NOT WORTH THE WAR! I wish I would have been smart enough to heed this warning during our first years of marriage. I’m sure some wars would have been avoided!
Thanks Mom, know that at least some of your words have made an impact! Happy Mother’s Day! I love you!!
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5 thoughts on “In honor of Mom…Friday’s Fave 5

  1. ahhh. . .the last one. . .so much conflict about the littlest things.. .I so regret that as well!Happy Mother Day's Gabe

  2. You have learned well form an excellent example! Happy Mother's Day, I love you!

  3. Wise words…thanks for the advice!

  4. Your mom sounds like a wise lady.Happy Mother's Day!

  5. First, I love your new look! Very nice…Your mom was very wise. Good to put things into perspective. No-one is perfect, but we are all trudging down the same road. Thanks for sharing her advice to me!!

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