the relentless pursuit of my heart….

It boggles my mind how my sovereign LORD uses the blogging community to further His Kingdom…

I’m not surprised that He choses to use it because He is God and He can choose anything He wants to use…
I’m not amazed that He leaves nothing outside of His grasp because He holds the entire world in His hands…
I am, though, simply astonished that HE, the Creator of the universe, would CHOOSE to USE bloggers I’ve never met… sisters in Christ.. to further HIS work in ME! I’m flabbergasted that HE would CHOOSE to PURSUE ME through another blogger. Thank you JESUS!!
He’s been on the trail of relentless pursuit of my heart lately. I gave Him my heart years ago but I keep taking parts of it back and He wants all of it. Not only does He want all of it, He bought all of it on Calvary. It really belongs to Him. I’m the one that steals parts back from time to time.
Not sure I can explain all of the reasons why I don’t surrender my entire heart. I’m not sure I really know any other answer than this one word… PRIDE. My ugly pride. My sinful heart buys the lie of pride EVERY SINGLE TIME….
The joy in the pain is that my SAVIOR pursues me EVERY SINGLE TIME. He NEVER lets me GO! He is FAITHFUL and TRUE while I am faithless and false.
So… today He led me to Ann’s blog, a holy experience. I’ve been here before. I love Ann’s words, her pictures, her thoughts. Today, God used a few of Ann’s posts to really make HIMSELF KNOWN.
I joined the Gratitude Community on Ann’s blog. I’m committing to a list of 1000 things for which I am grateful… appreciative… thankful.
#1 – #6
~my relentless PURSUER
~HIS love for me
~HIS gift of my salvation
~HIS grace
~HIS mercy
~HIS Body (the Body of Christ) that HE uses to minister to me
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2 thoughts on “the relentless pursuit of my heart….

  1. I like her site too. GOD is GOD and He won't let us forget it!

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