always something…

It will be so nice when I get this co-op unit study finished!  I’ll have so much more time and feel less rushed through my days…

I can’t wait to get the Children’s Church curriculum up and running.  Not thinking day and night about it will free up my mind and I will be able to relax for a while…

Only 5 more days of school!  I can’t wait!!  Why is it I feel so drained each spring from school?

Whew!  We made it… our last day of school has come and gone.  I think tomorrow I will sit around and do absolutely NOTHING all day!!

Hurry up!  We’ve got to go!  We were supposed to be there 10 minutes ago.  Everyone else is waiting on us!  Yes, I know it is your birthday… HURRY!

Seriously, with the exception of the last one, these are thoughts that I’ve had in the last month.  The last thought was today.  It is Emily’s 11th birthday and now it is filled up with too many things to do lots of opportunities.  This was the day I thought I would do NOTHING all day.  Now, it’s another day to be on the run…

Praise the LORD!  I didn’t say my thoughts out loud loud to Emily today. However, I said them loud and clear in my heart… 

When will I learn that there is always something around the bend… something I can’t see… something lurking…. something waiting to strike when I least expect it?  Sometimes good and sometimes bad but always there to take my time.

I have the hardest time saying “NO”.  Sometimes it’s because I don’t want to let someone down.  Sometimes it’s because I don’t want to miss out on a spontaneous good time.  Sometimes it’s because I don’t want to be the mean mom.  Sometimes it’s because I think I am SuperWoman and can do it all.  Sometimes it’s even a combination of all of these things but I always, always struggle with saying NO!

About 10 years ago, a wise woman sat down with me and said…
“Heidi, there are many good things to do in life… good opportunities… good events.  However, just because they are good things doesn’t mean that they are the best things for your family.”

Ouch!  Those words still ring true in my life a decade later.  When will I learn to let some things go?  As my kids get older, it gets harder and harder to chose the best things… not just the good things.

…because there is always something…

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