I feel like I’ve been out of the blogging loop lately.   I love to blog and to write but I’ve barely even had time to read a few blogs and comment on them before running off to the next thing… usually when I return to my computer, I’m too tired to put two thoughts together.

Today was one of those days…. full and satisfying, as well as tiring and dirty…  here’s a synopsis….

First thing this morning, our beautiful Emme opened her birthday gifts.  I told Emme that eleven years ago I was experiencing joyful agony (“Is that an oxymoron, Mom?”)… joyful because a beautiful and healthy 10# 10 oz baby girl joined our family… agony ‘cuz said beautiful baby joined our family via c-section.

Eleven is a big age around here.  Our local library allows students to volunteer when they are eleven.  Eric’s volunteer career began on his eleventh birthday and today, Emily’s volunteer career began.  She loved it!  She dressed up in her new birthday clothes to go work for an hour at the library after she had birthday breakfast out with Dad.

Emily agreed to spend her birthday helping friends prepare for their daughter’s graduation open house on Sunday.  Four families of moms and kids joined with another friend from church to weed, mow, rake, and mulch… as well as share a picnic lunch and birthday cake.  With that many hands, the work was soon done and so we all traveled over to one of the family’s homes to help weed and mow.

On the way home, we stopped for mulch for our house and for some burgers and fries.

This is what the mulch was for….

my grapes!  My arbor isn’t fancy but I’m so excited about the possibility of grapes, grape juice and grape jam in a few years!!  Eric and I put the trellis in tonight, fertilized and mulched.  Tomorrow we need a little more mulch and the grapes will be ready to grow, grow, grow!!

While Emily was mowing here at home tonight look what came out to wish her a Happy Birthday?

Does anyone know what kind of turtle/tortise this is?  It has a long tail and doesn’t hide in its shell.

I am tired and dirty and looking forward to a shower and my book tonight… another full and satisfying day!

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3 thoughts on “today…

  1. Our park visit was in North Manchester. Since we live on this side of town, it ended up only being about 15 minutes from our house. It's just south of the Manchester high school…and yes, very lovely!Also, I created my header at It is a page for digital scrapbooking and I've also used it to create my Christmas card this year (although the pictures were a little small). They've starting charging for many of their designs now but you can still find some fun free ones…or completely design your own. Have fun with that. This one was rather simple, but I've spent many an hours late at night working on others before…..

  2. Tell Miss Em that I didn't completely forget her birthday card.. . but with making lists for our trip. . .so it will be here when she gets here. Sounds like she had a great day!Gabe

  3. Oh I love days like that. Busy in the service of others. ANd how exciting to have your own grape vines. I grew up with fruit trees and grape vines. Very nice! Nothing better than a day like that!!!

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