with a thankful heart…

It is with a thankful heart, today, that I post more of my 1000 things for which to be thankful.  I know it’s not Monday and so I’m not really calling this my Multitude Monday post.  Instead, this is just where my heart is now….

…picking up where I left off

#7 – #20
~ HIS faithfulness every single time!
~ Friends that are friends forever
~ the privilege to pray for others
~ HIS work in the life of my children
~ the incredible sweetness of a child’s prayer
~ that sweet T is going home from the hospital today!
~ Eric
~ Emily
~ Ellen
~ the blessing to be able to teach them at home, all the while, watching them learn and grow
~ friends helping friends this week
~ watching my children give up something of their own (time, energy, toys, etc.) for someone else

Categories 1000 Gifts, faith, gratitude

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