Here in Northern Indiana it is a hot one today!  Heat index reached 90 degrees around Noon and it’s still hot four hours later.  

One of the biggest issues I have after having my hysterectomy 4 years ago is heat.  It’s not that I have hot flashes (which I sometimes have).  It’s more like someone turns up my internal thermostat about 50 degrees.  The best way I can think of to describe it is that I literally feel like I am roasting from the inside out!  

It’s hard for me to remember that all of these post-menopausal issues are my new norm and I have to learn to live with them.   I just realized I need to be praying to my Creator, my Master Teacher to teach me ways to deal with a variety of these post-surgery issues… this one being the one foremost in my mind on this hot day.

While I am praying… is there anyone in my bloggy world who is on this path with me and can give me some ideas on dealing with the internal heat when the outside thermostat goes up?

I’ve done the bioidentical hormone route and  have NO desire to do that again!  Any other ideas would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!!

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3 thoughts on “hot…Hot…HOT!!!!

  1. Nope, haven't had to have a hysterectomy . . . yet. However, you are the second person I have heard complain about the heat. IT IS ONLY THE SECOND DAY OF WARM WEATHER! I think it is wonderful. :-)Love you!

  2. Ick. No advice sorry. I am already that way and haven't had a hysterectomy yet. Not fun. I've just got the fans going full blast and the baby is in his diaper today. :0) I'm in Alaska btw… it's about 90 here today too.

  3. I hate getting used to new normals. Really. Why can't normal just be a constant…something you can always go back to. Big sigh. We are enjoying warm weather…only here it is really windy in the spring and early summer. So you can smile at the warmth, but you may get a mouthful of dirt. But loving it anway!!

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