Driving to church…

About a month ago, I was talking to my sister about this weekend.  As I was thinking through the dynamics of five days with eight kids (and at the time, I thought I would be flying solo…), I asked Gabe if she minded if we didn’t go to church.  Graciously, she said “do whatever works!”

While driving up here on Thursday, I mentioned to Mom that I really didn’t want the stress of getting all the kids ready and to church on Sunday.  Her response, “why don’t we do a church service with the kids?”  Brilliant!

So on this Lord’s Day, the ten of gathered our Bibles and some chairs in the living room. 

Soon, two of the boys drove to church.

They are even dressed in sport coats and carrying their Bibles… and, yes, they are 12 and 13!  

Cousin’s Church consisted of prayer, sword drills, a discussion on the Fruit of the Spirit and a closing song.  Not fancy… but funny!  Church should always be as joyful as it is when you have a congregation full of fun kids!!

After church, they graciously gave a ride “home” to another gentleman from the congregation…

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2 thoughts on “Driving to church…

  1. I wanna join your church!!!! 🙂

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