Life is a gift from the Creator…. so often taken for granted… those living assuming that they are indeed entitled to life… abundant life.   In child-like immaturity, assuming they alone are most important and most entitled to this thing called life

Life is pain… a deep stain left by sin.  Though there are seasons of joy and moments of laughter, life hurts.  Often, the lie is purchased… the  lie that says life would hurt less if only…..  and the search begins for the one thing that will make all of the pain worth it.  To often, the searching leads farther away from the One who comforts…. the One who heals… the One who offers the anecdote of eternal life with Him

Life is grace…  the very definition of life reveals grace…. sin demands a payment of deathseparation from The Holy Oneeternal damnation…  and yet the Author of Grace gives life…  gifts life…. graces life…

…down through the ages… throughout the millenniums… from the beginning… He alone gifts life….

Categories faith

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