My treasure…

It’s been a while since I blogged a post bragging on my man.  

He works hard for us.  Often I take my status as a stay-at-home-mom for granted.  I forget that this privilege wouldn’t be possible if he weren’t willing to work hard for us. He’s worked in our local ER for over 11 years (6 as a Paramedic and 5 as a nurse).  Not only does he work hard, but he is really good at what he does.  

I was reminded of this yesterday when I got the following message from my friend, Kelly, on facebook.  I met Kelly years ago before either of us were married.  She just realized, this week, that the paramedic that helped her infant son in our local ER 8 years ago is my man.  

Her message was a great reminder to me that my man is amazing and I am blessed beyond measure to be walking this path of life with him.  My heart always knows this… sometimes my brain needs a reminder!

We think he is wonderful! When my son who is 8 now was a month and a half old we were at the ER with a high fever. The person attending the ER tried to do a spinal tap, which we were not able to be in the room, but your husband was. The person doing the tap was not nice to us at all. Your husband kept apologizing because the guy was really rude and didn’t get the spinal tap done after sticking our baby several times. They admitted our son and Dr. K came in later in the evening to do the tap and your husband came up from the ER to be with our son while they did the tap and then came and talked to my husband & I. He was awesome! He told us that he was doing his round in the ER for Multi that evening. We knew that God had placed him there to reassure us during that difficult time! 
You’ve got a special guy there! Just wanted to let you know we appreciate him!

I love that not only does my man work hard, he plays hard with us too.  This picture is from our 4H Fair last summer.  He saves his vacation days to take the week of Fair off to help with 4H animals, to watch the kids show their various projects and to camp at the Fair with us.  

My brain needed the reminder this week of the treasure that I call MY MAN!

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1 thought on “My treasure…

  1. Yes he is an awesome guy! 🙂

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