a little revved up…

Ok… so I get a little revved up from time to time… and today just happened to be time!

Our VBS lesson today was Passover and the Night Flight from Egypt.  I managed to teach the lesson three times without getting too riled but by the time we got to our morning “wrap-up” session… I could hold it in no longer!

You see… today’s lesson was all about the tenth plague that God sent in judgment of Pharaoh.  In His love and because of His grace, He made a way that the children of Israel could avoid the plague… the death of their first born.  If the children of Israel obeyed Him and put the blood of a spotless lamb around the door posts and door frames of their homes, the angel of death would pass over their home and everyone inside… everyone covered by the blood of the lamb would be safe.  However, the angel of death took all the other first-borns who were not covered by the blood of the lamb… man and beast.

I told the kids that this is my favorite story of the Bible because it foretells God’s plan of salvation for all of mankind (I also told them I would probably have another favorite story tomorrow….so this was my favorite Bible story for today because I LOVE all of the Word of God!!).  John the Baptist saw Jesus coming and said “Behold the Lamb of God who comes to take away the sin of the world”.

This is where I got really riled up!  After teaching this lesson three times, we all met in the ampitheatre for our morning wrap-up session.  This is when I review the Bible lesson one more time for the day.  Today I did more than review…. Seriously, picture me clutching my Bible, tears streaming down my face, yelling talking in a loud voice so all could hear me”Jesus did this for us! He is our Passover Lamb!!”… I think I may have frightened one or two today.

I can’t help it.  I hope I never tire of this story… am never not moved by it… am never callous toward it.  

When it comes to telling children about the blood of the Lamb that can cover their hearts and protect them from eternal separation from God… I get a little revved!

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1 thought on “a little revved up…

  1. PRAISE THE LORD!!!!!!!!!

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