Friday’s Fave Five… VBS style…

I’m a few hours early on my Friday post of my Friday’s Fave Five…  I’ve got a few minutes tonight to do this.  Tomorrow VBS ends and I may be too wasted to think, so I thought I’d rather be a little early than too late on this post.

Here are my five favorite things from VBS this week…

1~the park where we hosted VBS… in one word… tranquil!  Absolutely beautiful wooded lot with stone cabins, outdoor ampitheatre and a great view of the lake!

2~the kids… at present count, we have had over 60 kids come to VBS this week!

3~ Silly Songs with Eric and Ridley… sometimes it’s the spontaneous things that turn out to be the most memorable… the most talked about… the most fun!

4~ teaching Bible class… there is nothing that thrills my soul more than teaching kids about God from His Word.  We had a blast this week learning about the Children of Israel’s exodus from Egypt.  I think the kids enjoyed the Sword Drills more than anything… (definitely not the most flattering pictures of me… but that isn’t the point, is it?)

5~ there’s always one… one child who steals your heart when you least expect it… one child who connects… who “gets it”….  

one child whom you hope you’ve made a difference in their life… or at least made their life memorable for five days…

This year… this VBS… this week… … this is my one…

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8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five… VBS style…

  1. VBS is very draining. I haven’t helped in a few years, but oh, I remember the tiredness. How fun to host it in a park; never done that. Glad you had such a successful time sharing God’s words with the children. Such a blessing! Love the little boy. Glad he “got” it.

  2. Oh, there is nothing like VBS! What a good kind of tired!I love the photos of the VBS location. I would like to go there myself.How wonderful that you connected, and this child "got it." You won't know until eternity the fruits of this week!

  3. VBS is one of my favorite summer activities. Sounds like yours was a great one!

  4. Such a busy, draining week but such a rewarding one as well. Hope you have a very restful weekend this weekend!

  5. What a neat setting for VBS. And bless you for being one of the VBS workers. I think it reaches so many kids in a way that is fun for them while still making a life-changing impact.

  6. How neat to have VBS in a park, and it looks like a perfect one for it.What a cute little boy — he looks very much like he could be the younger brother of my son's friend, except that he doesn't have a younger brother, I don't think.

  7. What a great spot for VBS!There's always one, isn't there? And it's always worth it for that one.Happy weekend.

  8. You're right about there always being one–and that makes it worth it! Thank you for giving your time and energy for the children!Now, have a good restful weekend 🙂

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