Friday’s Fave Five… VBS style…

I’m a few hours early on my Friday post of my Friday’s Fave Five…  I’ve got a few minutes tonight to do this.  Tomorrow VBS ends and I may be too wasted to think, so I thought I’d rather be a little early than too late on this post.

Here are my five favorite things from VBS this week…

1~the park where we hosted VBS… in one word… tranquil!  Absolutely beautiful wooded lot with stone cabins, outdoor ampitheatre and a great view of the lake!

2~the kids… at present count, we have had over 60 kids come to VBS this week!

3~ Silly Songs with Eric and Ridley… sometimes it’s the spontaneous things that turn out to be the most memorable… the most talked about… the most fun!

4~ teaching Bible class… there is nothing that thrills my soul more than teaching kids about God from His Word.  We had a blast this week learning about the Children of Israel’s exodus from Egypt.  I think the kids enjoyed the Sword Drills more than anything… (definitely not the most flattering pictures of me… but that isn’t the point, is it?)

5~ there’s always one… one child who steals your heart when you least expect it… one child who connects… who “gets it”….  

one child whom you hope you’ve made a difference in their life… or at least made their life memorable for five days…

This year… this VBS… this week… … this is my one…

8 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five… VBS style…

  1. VBS is very draining. I haven’t helped in a few years, but oh, I remember the tiredness. How fun to host it in a park; never done that. Glad you had such a successful time sharing God’s words with the children. Such a blessing! Love the little boy. Glad he “got” it.

  2. Oh, there is nothing like VBS! What a good kind of tired!I love the photos of the VBS location. I would like to go there myself.How wonderful that you connected, and this child "got it." You won't know until eternity the fruits of this week!

  3. What a neat setting for VBS. And bless you for being one of the VBS workers. I think it reaches so many kids in a way that is fun for them while still making a life-changing impact.

  4. How neat to have VBS in a park, and it looks like a perfect one for it.What a cute little boy — he looks very much like he could be the younger brother of my son's friend, except that he doesn't have a younger brother, I don't think.

  5. You're right about there always being one–and that makes it worth it! Thank you for giving your time and energy for the children!Now, have a good restful weekend 🙂

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