Friday’s Fave Five…Father’s Day…

Once again, I’m linking up to Living To Tell The Story for Friday’s Fave Five.  I’m finding my life is too full to link up to many memes but this is one that I look forward to each and every week.

In honor of Father’s Day and my dad, here are my five favorite things about my dad…

1) Dad has many euphemisms … dad-isms.  I didn’t realize, until I went away to college, that many of our family’s catch phrases were foreign to the rest of the world.  I assumed that everyone knew what “she goes up and down like a toilet seat” meant (for those of you who don’t know… it simply means that she changes her mind a lot).

2) Dad’s favorite phrase isn’t a euphemism.  My Dad says “Praise the Lord!” often… really, really often.  I love it!  It doesn’t matter to whom my father is speaking, if there is something worth praising God about in the conversation, he will.

3) My Dad still occasionally calls me “lamb y”.  I’m so glad I haven’t outgrown this!  It’s not often and it may even be a slip up but I know that though I am 41, he still treasures me.  Honestly, I’m not sure how many of my friends can say that about their own father.

4) My Dad loves my man.  I think there was a time he had some serious reservations about the man I fell in love with but you would never know.  My parents decided that they would have no in-laws.  Instead, their family just grew larger and still hasn’t stopped growing… the 22nd member of our family is due to arrive in December!!

5)  My Dad loves being a grandfather.  He could hardly contain himself when within 4 days in 1997 he had two grandsons!  After 11 grandchildren, he’s still excited about the new one on the way (btw… in case there is some confusion… it’s my sister who is blessing our family with a new little one).

6) My Dad loves people.  I’ve never met anyone who can put people at ease quite like my father.  Over the years, he has invested much of himself in the lives of people around him.  It won’t be until he reaches Heaven that he will know the impact he has had on so many lives (yes.. I know I said “Friday’s Fave FIVE” but I couldn’t resist a bonus one!)

Happy Father’s Day Dad!  I love you!!  

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9 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave Five…Father’s Day…

  1. Thanks Lamby, I love you too!

  2. Ha. Not realizing your family’s euphemisms aren’t everybody’s is true for me, too. Sounds like you have been blessed with a wonderful father. I'm so glad to see he read this post. I'm sure he is very honored to have a daughter who loves and respects him so much.

  3. Thanks for sharing your dad's sayings and love for his family. You and the whole family are blessed to have him. Happy Father's Day to him!

  4. What a wonderful tribute to your father! He sounds like a great guy.

  5. What a wonderful idea for your faves this week! Love it. My dad says Praise the Lord, too, but it's with a Russian accent and he says Praize duh Lorrd! It is a blessing to have a father who loves the Lord and loves his wife!!

  6. This is so sweet. Your dad sounds a lot like mine. He's in heaven now, but he always called me Babe.Enjoy him — what a blessing.Have a wonderful week.

  7. Aww, such a sweet post about your Dad. He sounds like a very special father indeed.

  8. "She goes up and down like a toilet seat!" my goodness that had me laughing. We had one in our family…my mother, sister, and I were terrible with saving money…we would save up almost all the money for something we wanted, then find something less expensive and spend the money lol! My dad used to say "Money goes through your hands like a fart through pants." Thanks for sharing some highlights from your family-they sound terrific!

  9. What a great tribute to your dad! Treasure each day you have with him. I love it that he loves your husband–mine did and it was a great blessing.

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