a belated birthday celebration…

Last week, Emily had a very belated surprise birthday tea at the Peony Tea House…

This past year, Emily discovered she has a twin… so who better to celebrate your birthday with than your long lost twin sister…

Meet Miss B.   Miss B is 24 hours and 10 minutes older than Emme.  They are practically the same size and height and have many shared interests.

Miss B’s mom and grandma and I planned a surprise twin tea party for the girls 11th birthday… complete with matching dresses made by Miss B’s grandma and matching earrings from Grandma as well.

Do to a series of unfortunate events, we had to cancel our original birthday surprise and reschedule… the new date, though, provided a surprise blessing for Emme… her grandma could join us as well.

We enjoyed our Edwardian Lunch complete with choice of tea, soup/salad, sandwich, and pastries… delicious and quaint!  Though her celebration was delayed, I think Miss E enjoyed her day with her twin Miss B!

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