the things we do as moms…

I’ve never been very athletic.  Because of my height and large bone structure I used to pretend I was athletic and most people would believe me… at least until they watched me play some sort of game.  

I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve struck out, tripped over my own two feet or missed the shot.  More times than I care to remember, I guess.  Due to extreme embarrassment, I’ve blocked out most of those memories….

So, needless to say, I don’t often volunteer to play organized games.  For many years, I had the easy excuse of either being pregnant or having a little one to watch.  I loved having a pliable excuse….

Now that my baby is almost seven, my excuses have all grown up and tonight was Emme’s last softball game… the annual team vs. parents game.  I knew this ahead of time but was not at all worried because I knew that Chad would willingly be the parent from our family who played softball… he even took his glove.

As happens a lot in life, things didn’t go exactly as planned.  As I was contentedly eating nachos for my supper, Emme’s coach said “Heidi, are you playing?”  

“Ah … NO!” 

Then… as I realized he was standing at home plate with Chad and one of the other coaches trying to find more than three players to make a team, I hear these words…

“Pllleeeaaasssee, Mom!” and there is my 11 year old with big, brown eyes begging me to play against her.

Seriously, the things I do for my kids!  So, this 41 year old mom kicked off her flip flops and played softball barefoot all for those big brown eyes and the excited girl behind them.

Thankfully, I don’t think there are any incriminating photos of me running barefoot around the bases.  

I’m equally thankful that I didn’t strike out.

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3 thoughts on “the things we do as moms…

  1. the smores ice cream, beats us roasting over an open fire lol

  2. I just sent you an e-mail :)*Renee

  3. at least you aren't barefoot and pregnant! Great memories for your daughter!

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