a day between…

Today is one of those days… a day between… according to the forecasters, a day between two heat waves…. a front of raging storms last night ushered in cool and dry air for today…..  this day between feels so good!

So often, life feels like heat waves… hot and muggy… grumpy and tired… pain and sadness…. hurrying up to wait… racing, racing, racing to get no where… storms fast approaching and raging winds blowing….

… and then a blessed day between… 

…but I almost missed it.  I don’t often stop to notice the between days… the days of cool and calm… peace and rest.  

Again, I am my own worst enemy because I take a between day and make it a heat wave…. trying, trying, trying to cram as much in as I can and racing, racing, racing to get no where.

…if not for the sweet, soft whisper of my Creator to my heart… “peace, be still” I would still be running the rat race.   The One who knows me best, knows my heart…. He knows I need down time… quiet time… time to myself.  He created me to be this way and He provides my every need.

Today He has provided me a day between and a gently reminder to enjoy the gift from Him.

…. so I will close my computer, take a cool shower and open my new book and reveal in the peace and joy a day between heat waves brings….

Categories faith

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