you might be a 4H mom if…

My sister has shared with me that she is envious of our laid-back schedule during the school year.  One of the joys of homeschooling, for me, is the fact that our school days can be relaxed and laid-back.  The longer I homeschool (just finished year 8), the less I rely on the clock and calendar and the more relaxed I become.  Summer, though, is another story…

Actually, I don’t feel like we’ve even experienced summer yet… you know those long lazy days of summer with nothing to do….  We finished school in mid-May and immediately began 4H projects.  This is when the tables are turned…. While my sister blogs about camping trips and days at their local beach… we are swimming in 4H… meetings here and there, practices, chores, and projects galore!

Our 4H projects are due on Monday and our local Fair begins the following Saturday.  I will be posting much about 4H in the next few weeks… including how well my kids did on their projects.  Until then, though, here’s a tribute to my fellow 4H moms…

You might be a 4H mom…

…if you have spent more time in your vehicle in the past 3 weeks than in your own home… you might be a 4H mom.

… if your dog automatically walks out the door to your truck for the many, many dog training meetings she is used to going to… you might be a 4H mom.

… if you have a box of finished projects safely tucked away… you might be a 4H mom.

… if this is what your cart at Hobby Lobby looks like… you might be a 4H mom.

… if your table looks like this… 

… or your ottoman looks like this…

… or if your kitchen looks like this… you might be a 4H mom!

…I’ve heard it said that 4H builds character in your children.  I’d like to politely disagree with that statement.  I think 4H has built more character in me than in my children… patience, patience and more patience!

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2 thoughts on “you might be a 4H mom if…

  1. Heidi – I'd like to add another one to your list…You might be a 4-H Mom if you have spent more time in the barn in the past month than in your own home 🙂 Don't get me wrong, I wouldn't have it any other way, but I am ready for fair to be here AND now!! See you next week!! Sonja

  2. Heidi, another one….. You might be a 4-H mom if you are yelling at your child to "finish at least one project today!" instead of relaxing in the pleasure of your child!

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