at the end of day one…

*** disclaimer… for those of you who are not close friends or family and who really don’t care how my kids did on their 4H projects, feel free to stop reading now….

…fini… finished… all done… turned in today.  Phew!  All 4H projects were turned in this morning and this mom exhaled loudly.  Feels so good to be finished!

Here is how the kids at the end of day one…


                                            (blue honor ribbon~potentially champion)

                                                              (blue ribbon)

                                                             (blue ribbon)

                                                          (blue honors ribbon)


                                                             (blue ribbon)

                                                                (blue ribbon)

                                                                (blue ribbon)

… stayed tuned… results from second day of judging coming tomorrow…

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2 thoughts on “at the end of day one…

  1. Eric's fine arts picture of the hay field got Champion of division 2. Congrats!! I didn't see you guys after it was over or I would have said something earlier. Tell him great job, it was really good.Sonja

  2. I left a comment on another post about 4H but thought I would post this here too: LOVE THE CAKE 🙂 🙂 It is great!!

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