slowing time down…

Looking back… it’s been six weeks since I last added to my list of One Thousand Gifts hosted by Ann at A Holy Experience.  

Honestly, there have been more times than I can count in these last days when I would think “oh, I’m going to add this to my list of One Thousand Gifts” only to lose the thought about 30 seconds after it went through my mind.  

Life has been crazy.  I’m learning that it is up to me to slow it down… to stop… to cease… to be still and know that He is God and that it is He that has made me and not me making myself and I am a sheep of His pasture.  Wisdom comes with age and I am also learning that life will not slow down naturally…. instead, it seems to pick up speed with each passing year.

…starting where I left off six weeks ago, I am grateful for these gifts bestowed upon me by my Creator, my Sustainer, my Deliverer, my God… numbers 21- 36  on my growing list of gratitude…

… a restful picnic day yesterday with my church family
… watching my children play uninhibited amongst friends who love them for who they are
… the occasional times when the not-so-little-one still climbs into my lap
… the comfort of air conditioning on a hot summer night
… new friendships that feel as comfortable as my flip flops
… the seventeenth summer with my man
… the responsibility I’m seeing in my children 
… the love my daughter has for Jesus
… the joy of friendships that have stood the test of time
… the freedom we still have in this country to outwardly praise Him
… watching the joy of fireworks on the faces of my children
… enjoying fresh summer produce
… early morning snuggles and late night kisses
… children who have grown up enough to enjoy sleeping in
… a man who willingly works overtime to provide cash for our upcoming camping trip

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2 thoughts on “slowing time down…

  1. I have been SO like that the last few weeks too. Some weeks's I've managed to make a list, but a number of them I haven't. I'm back in today too though!

  2. Such a beautiful, wonderful list of gifts Heidi.I especially love the older ones climbing up on a lap and the early morning snuggles:) Two of my favorite things as well!God bless your wonderful, water-melon-loving family! (I know that's another post…but it made me laugh…my kids eat a whole melon easily!)

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