and on the second day…

Our second… and thankfully last… day of 4H general project judging is wrapping up.  One more project to be judged and a mock dog show tonight and then… a few days reprieve before Fair.

Here’s mid-second day wrap up (once again, please don’t feel like you have to read this post if you really don’t care how my kids have done with 4H this year….).


fine arts…

          (this one was judged yesterday but we found out today that it is Grand Champion)


                                                     (Grand Champion)

Miscellaneous Crafts…

                                                      (blue ribbon)


Miscellaneous Crafts…

                                                     (blue honor)

The kids are thrilled with their results.  I’m thrilled with their hard work.  Often there is a lot of excitement when they sign up for a project in January.  The excitement then trickles down until there is little-to-no excitement for their project when it’s time for judging.  This year, I was impressed at how diligent they were in doing a good job finishing their projects for fair.

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2 thoughts on “and on the second day…

  1. Carrie @ comfortedbyGod.blogspot.comHi,Heidi! I stumbled upon your blog–love seeing your kids hard work 🙂 My kids are too young for 4H, but I remember doing UIL as a child. I entered art shows and other things like your children.

  2. I think I have told you this before…but I am so impressed I am with your children. Really!! They have amazing talent!!

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