and the results are in…

I would love to promise that this is the last 4H judging results post for 2010.  However… there are a few more things to be judged… such as dog and chickens.  For the next few days, though, all results are in…  So sorry for those of you who are bored to tears…


miscellaneous crafts…

                                                           (blue honor)

mock dog show…

                                            (75% on obedience, 100% on showmanship)

update on Eric…

                                                    (chosen to be reserve champ)

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2 thoughts on “and the results are in…

  1. congrats to the very talented Kreider Kids!

  2. Oh, these are just great! This is our first year in 4H and sadly we do not have much in the way of uh, assistance (& we are still working on getting over our shyness to ask for help). I love all of the exhibits you shared! I love that cake by the way… Both of my kids are doing cake decorating but we've never had any experience with doing anything with cakes! My dd is doing photography and ds is doing robotics. I can't wait until next year and this one for us isn't even done yet! Ours winds up August 1st. Again: Great job!!

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