it’s all worth it…

I wish I could post pictures for you of the girls’ animal shows yesterday. It was amazing and they both did great…. however, as is typical during fair week, the camera (with pictures on the memory card) is not to be found right now… I’m always missing something during Fair Week and this year I seem to be missing my brain….

The two day dog show was an incredible experience for both Emme and Ebony.  On Saturday, all dressed up, Emily first showed Ebony in showmanship.   Because Ebony is a mix (the nicer name for Mutt…) we didn’t expect Emily to place but it was great experience… in a hot… very, very hot tent… but great experience nevertheless. 

After lunch, a much more casually dressed Emme demonstrated obedience with Ebony.  This was a crack up because Ebony is bad at obedience… I think she really doesn’t want to be told what to do but she did GREAT!  I don’t know if it was because she was so hot and tired or if it was because Emily was having so much fun but either way they placed second!!

Sunday’s show was all out side in the hot sun.  We tried to squeeze in as much shade as we could but with his new haircut, Chad’s head is a lovely shade of pink today.  

At the last minute, Emily opted to show in all four classes yesterday afternoon.  This made for a long day but it was great experience for Emme and I think she will do better next year because she now understands all of the shows and all of the classes.  At the end of the day, she placed second again in agility!  She had a wonderful time and came back to the camper all laden with prizes and ribbons.

I missed Emme’s award show because Ellen showed Horse and Pony last night.  Because of her age, she is led by lead-line on the horse.  She and her “big girl” friend, Julia, and Julia’s horse, Lady, did poles, barrels and keyhole riding last night.  And, she came running back to the camper with a plaque and a ribbon excited with her prize!

Seeing Emily’s smile during the dog show and Ellen’s grin while riding through the poles, I was reminded, anew, of why I do what I do… it’s all worth it for me when I see my kids having a blast, doing what they love to do and doing it to the best of their ability.  Those precious smiles are what fuel my fire for 4H.

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2 thoughts on “it’s all worth it…

  1. My husband did 4H growing up. It was a lot of work, but he enjoyed it. We've talked about Munchkin participating, but we haven't done it yet.Glad all went well for all of you even with the heat.

  2. Isn't that the way cameras work? They are there when you don't need them and gone when you do. What a fun thing. That would hilarious to watch my dog…my disobedient dog. humph…

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