Friday’s Fave Five… at the County Fair

Once again, I’m linking up to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for Friday’s Fave Five.  Each week, Susanne asks us to post the five things we are most thankful for from that week.

Here is my five favorite things from the county fair…

1) AIR CONDITIONING!!  We’ve had rain, heat indexes of 104 degrees and storms.  I’m so thankful that we can bring our camper to the fair and can have a place to escape the elements… with the heat this week, I’ve been most thankful for the air conditioning in our camper!

2) 4H AUCTION Each year the 4H kids have the opportunity to auction their animals and make a little money in exchange for their hard work raising the animal.  Eric auctioned his chickens… small breasts and all… and did very well.  He will use this year’s auction money to help pay for next year’s animals and feed.  

3) FAIR FOOD  This is one of my 2 favorite food stands at our fair.  I’m a fair food snob.  I hate buying food at the carnival stands.  However, I love to spend our fair food money at the local stands that support local not-for-profit organizations.  This one is a local food bank and soup kitchen and the profits from the sale of food during the fair help their organization throughout the year.  Their fresh cheeseburgers are soooo good!

4) THIS MAT My Dad made me and my sisters these mats last year for Christmas.  At the time I thought I liked it but now I know I LOVE it!!  For the first year we haven’t had sand burrs in our camper.  I love that all the sand burrs fall between the slats and stay outside!  I’ve heard several acclamations of “Where did you get that mat?  I want one!”  Thanks again Dad!!

5) CAMPING AT THE FAIR We are so blessed to be able to camp at the fair with friends!  In this picture, our camper is the farthest one that you can see along the row of campers.  Of the other campers, only the pop-up is a family that I don’t know well.  The others are filled with friends.  It has been so fun to have the kids play in the evenings together and to be able to run back and forth between the campers.

my one not-favorite-thing….

THIS HILL… we climb it several times a day to get to buildings, barns, etc…. the picture of all of our campers was taken from the hill.  The kids love rolling down it, riding their bike down it and running down it.  I don’t have quite such a love affair with the hill…

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1 thought on “Friday’s Fave Five… at the County Fair

  1. I haven't totally ignored your phone call. . .but jake is at camp so we will call you very soon and let you know what he thinks.

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