stupid cancer!

Another friend of mine is entering a battle for her life… the battle against breast cancer.  She will face a bi-lateral mastectomy on Wednesday, the day of her son’s 16th birthday.

This weekend a beautiful sister in Christ was honored at her memorial service.  She was 28 years old.  God took her home after a year and a half battle with breast cancer.

Last week I saw a dad and 3 kids grocery shop without mom… their lives forever changed by breast cancer.

Spent a few moments last week ruminating with a sweet friend about her battle with breast cancer… 4 years ago while pregnant.

Pray often for Chad’s nursing colleague and our dear friend who is in the middle of her chemo treatments… diagnosed in March with stage 4 lymphoma.

…honestly, I’m tired of the word cancer.  I’m tired of hearing what causes cancer and how to prevent it.  These women were otherwise incredibly healthy women… not overweight, health food nuts, loved to exercise, etc., etc.  

…to borrow the words of the beautiful young woman who is now enjoying heaven with her Creator… 

stupid cancer!

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2 thoughts on “stupid cancer!

  1. I am so so sorry, I cant not say I know what you are going through because I dont, But I can say thisIm Praying & I am here for you….

  2. Amen! Cancer IS stupid. I'm not sure if you're interested or not, but I found this website that is making necklaces in support of breast cancer awareness (for a $15 donation). I e-mailed her and she's going to make me an ovarian cancer one instead. 🙂

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