Friday’s Fave five… a celebration!

I’ve said it before… Friday’s Fave Five meme with Susanne is my favorite blog meme!  I look forward to reflecting on my week… thinking through blessings and finding five things for which to be most grateful.

This week marks Susanne’s 100th week of Friday’s Fave Five.  I wish I could say I’ve been with her from the beginning.  To the best of my recollection, this is my 13th Friday’s Fave Five on Friday, the 13th.

1) AIR CONDITIONING!!! I can’t tell you how thankful I am for a/c!!  This week has been HOT and I hate being hot!  As I get hotter, I get grumpier.  So, I’m sure my family is thankful that mom has stayed cool.

2) FRIENDS WITH POOLS!!  A pool is one of life’s luxuries that my man will never agree to… so, I am so very thankful for generous friends who willing share their pool with us!

3) GIRLS NIGHT OUT!!  Last night was one such Girls Night Out.  My friend, Donna, opened her pool for Moms at 8 pm.  We floated, watched the meteor shower and laughed until 12:15 a.m.  Girls Night Out always makes for a shorter night of sleep but it is sooooo worth it!  Thanks friends!

4) SUMMER VACATION!!  I’m still holding out for some sort of summer vacation.  Emily mentioned yesterday that she can’t wait for winter for life to slow down.  It really is that way in our home.  Winter is slow and quiet and summer is on the run.  Next week, I think I will have about 4 days of summer vacation at my parent’s lake home with the kids… looking forward to it!!  After which, we will start school.

5) TEACHING KIDS BIBLE TRUTHS!!!  This week has been a lot of planning for our upcoming kids’ conference which will be held on Monday.  I can’t wait.  More to come on that one….

Thank you, Susanne, for hosting Friday Fave Five! Congratulations on your anniversary!

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6 thoughts on “Friday’s Fave five… a celebration!

  1. I'm glad you have air conditioning and friends with pools to help you get through the hot hot days of summer! Have fun at your parents lake home!!

  2. When I had a pool I was happy to share it, you never use it enough yourself to make it seem worthwhile.Sounds like a wonderful night out with the girls.

  3. We have friends with a pool as well and we love it when they share!

  4. We could use air conditioning for about 3 days of the summer here as it can get pretty hot.We had a girls night out tonight, off to a movie I managed to fall asleep at. To think I could have saved the $11.50 and slept at home.I love a girls night out

  5. We have had such a weird summer weather wise that we have hardly turned the air conditioning on at all. But it sure has been nice having it for those few days when it has been cooking out there.I love girl's nights out. What a great stress release.Thanks for being a part of FFF!

  6. Your Girls Night Out sounds like SO much fun — I'm jealous!Hope all goes well with the kids conference. We think we're going to teach them, but they teach us so much!Have a great week ahead.

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