my favorite season is here!

In my world there are five seasons…winter, spring, summer, fall and FOOTBALL!!  Tonight is the season premier of Football Night in America…. Bret and the Vikings vs. Alex and the 49ers.

Take one look at this family picture and it’s obvious who our team is… and, it’s neither the Vikings and the aged Bret or the 49ers.  Yet, I sit here watching a preseason game that has no bearing on either teams season’s stats grinning from ear to ear.  

Honestly, I LOVE football.  I love all of it.  I loved watching Eric play pee-wee.  I love watching the Heisman race in college.  I love watching the NFL and I love watching the Indy Colts.  

I grew up with Sunday afternoon football… each fall we would come home from church to a big family dinner and then it would be football all afternoon.  I grew up watching the Lions and the Bears and I remember rejoicing when the Bears with Jim McMahon, and  “Sweetness” Walter Payton won the 20th SuperBowl in 1986.  

My girls are less than thrilled that I’m passing this family tradition on to them.  Who knows… they may really impress some guy someday with their knowledge of 1st downs and interceptions… and the difference between a kick and a punt.  For now, though, every single Sunday I hear “do we have to watch football today?”  Seriously!?  What kind of question is that!?

I don’t think I ever impressed Chad much with my football knowledge.  When we were dating and first married, Chad had no desire to watch Sunday football.  There are very few things that I have influenced him on but I’m happy to say… he’s a Sunday football convert.  

And, after 16  years, he’s a bigger football fan than I am.  He now recognizes five seasons of the year…

…winter, spring, summer, fall and FOOTBALL!!
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3 thoughts on “my favorite season is here!

  1. LOL GO Tampa Bay Buccaneers 🙂

  2. What an adorable picture! Love it! Every time I come to visit your blog, it has a new look! I wish I had time to change mine so often!

  3. Of course you do understand that football means summer is almost over. . .that means winter is right around the corner. But then you are one of those crazy people who like the winter. . .me I am loving the 95 and sun in FL. . .I think I might become a snowbird someday!

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