a few faves from a great week…

It’s that time of week again…Friday’s Fave Five hosted by Susanne at Living to Tell the Story.  Even though this is my favorite blogging meme and the only one I participate in on a regular basis, it has been a few weeks since I’ve posted my 5 favorite things from the week.

It’s been a great week around here and here are my five faves in no particular order…

1) My Bible and my quiet times… when I am really busy with life the first thing to go in my day is my time with Jesus.  This summer was no exception and by the time I escaped to the lake I was seriously burned out and my reserve tank was empty.  Three weeks later, my reserve tank is still empty but I feel like my primary tank has been blessedly filled each morning with my time with my Savior.

2) THIS CHILD RIGHT HERE… this one…known to us as Ellen Mercy… will soon be 7 years old (in 11 days, as she says) and the past week has been a time of unknowns with her.  I was reminded, anew, of how fragile life is… and how thankful I am for each and every day.  Our gift of mercy continues to be just that… a gift that I cherish!

3) SCHOOL… I so love homeschooling my kids.  I know that in the spring I will be pining for summer and for a break but really, really I love what I do.  In the two weeks that we have completed, to date, we have had some great school days… you know the days, the ones that resemble a Norman Rockwell painting.  I know the stormy days will come but for now I’m just savoring the moments.

4) UNEXPECTED BLESSINGS… this thanks goes to Susanne!  She drew my name for her Friday’s Fave Five giveaway and is blessing me a cup of coffee from Starbucks on her.  I didn’t know it until she emailed me because I never thought to look to see if I had won.  I love how God blesses me through others!  Thank you Susanne!!

5) NOA NOA… I’ve blogged about this restaurant before.  The longer I go here, the better I like it.  It’s become my all-time favorite restaurant and it is about a mile from my house!  It doesn’t get any better than that!!  
Two of my favorite people came down this afternoon to celebrate a late Father’s Day dinner at Noa Noa with us.  Great food… great fellowship… great family!!  And a great way to end a great week!

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7 thoughts on “a few faves from a great week…

  1. sounds like a great week. . .I am going to have to visit sometime so I can try out this resturant!

  2. Gabe, you will absolutely love the food at this restaurant! It is wonderful!!! Thanks again, Heidi and Chad — great time!!!

  3. I hope the homeschooling continues to go as well as these first few days, I seem to remember some hard days back when I did it :)Congrats on winning the Starbucks!

  4. Enjoy your Starbucks!I need to get back to regular quiet times. My tanks definitely have been running on empty and I know I need one on one time with the Lord.

  5. Quiet time is the best. Just starts my day out right.Your daughter is precious!Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Winning a drawing is so fun. enjoy your coffee.I also love homeschooling. My kiddos are 26 & 27 now so that part of my life is on hold. But I still continue to "school" myself. One important way I do that is through my quiet times.I spent some time on your blog. I enjoyed your contemplative, encouraging tone.

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