MathTutorDVD…TOS Crew Review

It’s time for another The Old Schoolhouse Magazine review…

Oh… what I wouldn’t have given for something like this 25 years ago!  I struggled every single year through math.  In college, I took the easiest math class I could sign up for to fulfill my general education requirements for my degree… and promptly failed my first quiz!  It was only at the mercy of my prof that I passed that class with a C-.  And, to this day, not much has changed.

Because of my severe math handicap, Chad does all the math instruction around here.  So, when the package from MathTutorDVD came with not one… but two DVDs, I promptly handed the entire package to he and Eric.  They were thrilled!  Here’s what we were sent from MathTutorDVDThe Pre-Algebra Tutor DVD Volume 1 which sells for $26.99 and The Texas Intruments TI-83/TI-84 Calculator Tutor which also sells for $26.99.  The DVDs look like this…

MathTutorDVD is incredible!  They have DVD’s for every possible type of math… young minds, basic, math, word problems, algebra, geometry, calculus, advanced calculus, physics and probability and statistics… and even how to use a TI-83 or TI-84 calculator!!  According to the founder and instructor of MathTutorDVD, Jason Gibson, there are even more MathTutorDVD courses coming!

Jason Gibson is a former NASA Flight Controller for the Space Shuttle in the Mission Control Room and is a former engineer for Texas Instruments.  While he has multiple engineering degrees, Jason Gibson has a great way of explaining math concepts without being confusing or boring.  Each DVD has several lessons taught by Jason Gibson in a step by step manner.

Our oldest son, Eric, started pre-algebra in seventh grade, last year.  The Pre-Algebra Tutor DVD was a great review for Eric at the beginning of this school year.   While I worked with Ellen and school, Eric would watch the Pre-Algebra Tutor DVD.  Here is Eric’s review of the Pre-Algebra Tutor DVD“I watched the Pre-Algebra Tutor DVD and I would say it did help me with math. There were some technical errors and he made a few mistakes. He explained some concepts in a way that I would explain differently.  Over all, I liked the DVD.  The instructor did a lot of examples and detailed instruction.  I did pre-algebra last year and so most of the DVD was review.  I would recommend this product to someone who is starting pre-algebra.”

                                                                                                                                                            We do not yet own a TI graphing calculator.  However, I did review the TI Calculator Tutor and was impressed at how well Mr. Gibson explained how a graphic calculator works and how to work the calculator to get the answer you are seeking.  Instead of standing at a white board for the instruction on this DVD, you only hear Mr. Gibson’s voice while he uses a cursor to point out things on the calculator and shows you how to use it.  This is a DVD we will definitely pull out and use when we get to this level in Eric’s math education.
MathTutorDVD also offers an online membership for $19.95/month that offers online courses and online tutoring.

One of Chad’s desires in teaching our kids math is to teach them many different ways to solve math problems or logic problems.  I’m so grateful that we were sent these DVDs to review and use in our home.  These DVDs offered another way to teach our kids to solve problems.  I definitely recommend MathTutorDVDs for homeschool families and for families who are searching for ways to help their kids with their math homework.

**I received these 2 DVDs from MathTutorDVD free of charge for my honest opinion of their product.  I am not being paid for this review.
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4 thoughts on “MathTutorDVD…TOS Crew Review

  1. wow. . .sounds like signing up to be a reviewer has been very profitable for you! Way to score all the freebies!

  2. I enjoyed reading your informative review and really like the way you set it up too. Very organized. I am on the Crew also, and am now following your blog. 🙂

  3. I enjoyed how you had your son do a review of the dvd. It's always interesting to see the kid's point of view.After reading several reviews, I'm really eying that calculator dvd. lol! I think it would be a real asset in our homeschool.I think it's great that your hubby is able to step in on a subject. It's fun seeing the Dad's actively involved in the homeschool process.

  4. Your son did an excellent review, too.

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