maybe I passed the test…

In my last post, I mentioned that Ellen spilled water on my cell phone just hours after I told Chad I wanted to be less concerned about things that had no eternal value.  I figured it was a test… a spiritual test… and I thought I had flunked!

Honestly, I didn’t freak out quite like I would normally do but I still wasn’t gentle and easily forgiving.  I wish I could say I hugged my girl and we cleaned up the mess together.  Instead, I grabbed the two cell phones that were surrounded by water and while drying them off, I was saying things like..

WHAT were you doing?

WHY weren’t you careful?

WEREN’T you paying attention?

Thankfully the Dad was home.  He quietly took the two phones and got the rice out of the cupboard.  

After a few hours locked in a zippy bag with rice, my phone is working marvelously and I was able to download the pictures I took today. 

Maybe I passed that spiritual test today. … On second thought, maybe I just didn’t fail miserably!

Here are a few pictures from our day visiting the doctor…

all smiles on the way there

the great big popsicle on the way out

heading home…still with a droopy left foot but at least we have some direction
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1 thought on “maybe I passed the test…

  1. She'll regain full use of the foot? That's wonderful. She'll learn to persevere, I'm sure.I had to smile at your phone/water story. Who hasn't had such a moment? Thank goodness for grace and a Father who keeps on loving us!!

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