When I started this blog last year, I committed to myself that I would be real… I would be honest… and I wouldn’t worry about what people think about my writings.  Yeah, well… that commitment lasted about 24 hours….

These many months later, I still think…

…I shouldn’t have said that!

…ohhh! I should learn to keep my opinions to myself!

…I’ve said too much…again!

I’ve thought much about the last post I wrote… the one about my dream being shattered.  I wonder if I shouldn’t have said it or if I said too much.  I feel guilty for sharing what I shared.

Here’s the deal… the dream that was shattered was a simple as a fall camping trip to the UP of MI (my ALL time favorite place) including a chance to once again stand on the shore of Lake Superior.  My view of that trip wasn’t the same as my man’s view.  And, honestly, he had the healthier view.  Sometime over the past month, I had allowed my heart to get involved.  I no longer viewed it as a possible fun vacation, I allowed it to become a “must have” and my heart had convinced my head that I must have that vacation at that particular time in that particular way!

See… not very earth shattering but definitely pride shattering!  My pride had reared its ugly head once again.  Even to the point of thinking that I NEEDED that vacation to refuel my tank after this summer.  

So… I write a post being real… being honest… being raw… and also probably saying too much and yet so many of you reached out to encourage and pray for me.  You, who are either working through much bigger and deeper shattered dreams than mine or those of you who have walked a journey littered with broken pieces. Thank you!  Jehovah used you in incredible ways to begin a new work in my heart.  

Once I looked past the shattered fragments of my dream… my pride… I saw so many friends who have dealt with shattered dreams far deeper and wider than mine.  And.. I saw lives that are a beautiful mosaic that God designed using shattered fragments and broken pieces.  

I am humbled that you would pray for and encourage me over my pieces of shattered pride while the love of Jesus shines through your mosaic.   

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3 thoughts on “mosaic…

  1. what about a weekend at Indiana Dunes State Park with the Olsons??We would like to get one more camping trip in before winter and we would love to go back (we stopped there on the way to moms's 60th.)Let us know if you have a free weekend.

  2. Can we come too??????

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