a little wine with that, please…

Whine… there’s been a lot of that around here today…

My children are amazing.  All three were born with a 6th sense… the sense to know when Mom isn’t feeling well and the ability to turn up the whine exponentially.  

Do you see this pouty face…

that is the face of a 7 year old who has whined a great deal about writing thank you notes.

Not to make it too much of a chore, I even brought everything we needed with us to the library so that she could write them here while Emily was doing her volunteer time.

Honestly, I don’t feel well.  I seem to be struggling through another sinus infection.  Someone should tell my children to develop a 7th sense… the sense to keep their whine to themselves when Mom doesn’t feel well.

or… I just may have to ask for a little WINE myself when they turn up the whine on days like today!

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3 thoughts on “a little wine with that, please…

  1. lol I agree, they do have a 6th sense lol. I have one to rofl

  2. I have a wonderful friend back in McFarland that used to say to me. . .Gabe, you need to learn to enjoy wine. You'd be amazed at how a little wine can make a big difference!"

  3. aw…I hope you feel better… but doesn't it seem that their 7th sense is to know when mom doesn't feel good and they whine more??? or is that just me and mine…? eh, just par for the course….Thanks for you comments on my blog and the 'get-wells'…hope we both get better soon!

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