to write or not to write…

…to write… or not to write… that is the question of my heart…

I just finished writing my next homeschool review…. (you’ll see it on Wednesday when it goes live.)  At any rate, I’m realizing how much I really enjoy writing for TOS.  Just today I sat down and had an hour to write and ninety minutes later, I realized that I had lost all track of time as I was including photos, links and personal testimony.

I had to walk away from it for a few hours and when I got back to it, Chad came in and glanced at me and my computer.  

“Is that your next review?”


“Wow!  That’s really cool!”

Yep, it is!  It’s a really cool thing to do… and I’m really, really glad I have the opportunity to do it.   I enjoy it.  It gives me great pleasure and fulfills a deep need in my heart.  I find myself wanting to write more and more… to pursue other avenues of writing… to investigate publishing other things I’ve written. 

However, there is much to do each day in my world…things that I also love to do that take my time and energy… I am wife, mother, teacher, children’s ministry facilitator, homeschool cooperative member, wife of church elder and friend.  

I think every woman struggles in finding balance in her life… her marriage… her family.  I’m looking for balance… finding the right mix of pleasure vs. responsibility… searching for the balance of doing stuff for others and stuff for me… knowing how to best manage the 24 hours in a day that God has given me.

Is pursuing more writing right now the best choice for me and my family?  

THAT is the true question!

**a small disclaimer… this post is 100% rhetorical.  I’m not looking for an answer from each and everyone that may read this.  I’m just “talking” aloud…working through things in my heart and mind… thanks!

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