sewing lesson….

Last year, Emily bought her own sewing machine.  She was super excited until she got it home…. This mom doesn’t know much about sewing machines… doesn’t know much about sewing… and doesn’t want to ever know much about either. 

Fortunately, my girls know who to ask when they want help with something that Mom can’t handle…. Grandma!

Grandma came for a visit today and brought her sewing machine and a bag of goodies… thread, fabric, patterns, etc.  She taught the girls how to sew a straight line, how to lay out and cut a pattern and how to thread your machine.

She even managed to keep them both busy with their own individual projects.

An hour and a half, or so, was all the lessons that either of the girls could handle.  So they packed everything up for “next time” with Grandma.

Before Grandma’s sewing machine got put away, Ellen decided she had learned enough to be able to teach her brother a thing or two… she’s telling him to be sure he doesn’t get his fingers in the way… definitely a good lesson to learn!

Thanks Grandma!!

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3 thoughts on “sewing lesson….

  1. Awesome!! I remember trying to teach Ruthie to sew! Trying being the operative word. Oh well, she at least can sew on a button and hem pants! Have fun girls! kathy

  2. That's so cool! I had a sewing machine for probably almost 10 years before I ever learned much about it. I did take sewing in high school but who remembers that stuff?? Finally I am learning to use mine- but I'm still chicken to teach my dd 😦 poor her… no Grandma close by. Sigh, I may have to bite the bullet and teach her anyway. lol

  3. Thank you for stopping by my blog with a comment 🙂 Grandma would be the one to teach any sewing skills to my kids, too!

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